Who’s Topolo Dexter

Topolo D3xter is a ten-year-old master of mischief.  He is black and white.  And has only the left eye.  Why Topolo?  Topolo means “cute little mouse”; in fact, he is wonderful, small-sized and absolutely funny.  Why D3xter?  Because he is a hand-killer-cat.  Topolo D3xter lives together with the lazy, eighteen years old, pale-red-tubby Jones and the six-year-old dark grey Lemmy (of course, in honour of Mötorhead!) and with the “trouble-with-the-tribble” five-year-old Tommy The Cat, the most unruly and rowdy kitten on this planet!  Last December joined us the chubby, orange, five years old Romeo together with Her Princess Beauty, the splendid white, furry and over-fluffy Duchessa, with her marvellous blue and gold eyes.

TopoloD3xter is anarchic, double trouble, too loud purring and impatient.  Very snoopy and charming he loves fun boxes.  Every day is a day of play.  Hidden treasures are everywhere and he hunts Tommy The Catlike-tiger-in-the-jungle (obviously his very own jungle is the house furniture).  Or he nuzzles on a sleeping Jones-the-chubby-cat who reacts meowing and running at high-speed into my husband’s arms.  What a show!  Crazy and always ready to play disaster he scales all the time to new heights in search of mess around him.  That’s why my blog carries his name.


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