Bass & Guitar Pickguards

A pickguard is usually a piece of  plastic fixed with some screws on the bass and guitar body under the strings, or elevated on adjustable metal support brackets close to them.  Its main practical purpose is to protect their surface, but it may also have a merely decorative use, as well as be a piece of memorabilia.

Custom pickguards are produced in various colours and designs, as well as very different materials, for example acrylic glass, glass, plywood or exotic wood, fabric, leather, light or white metal.  Luxury pickguards can be made of mother-of-pearl, or noble and wrought metal plates.

Mass-production pickguards are made of plastic and some other laminated materials, such as vinyl or PVC plates, which do not shrink and are not highly flammable, or celluloid for vintage guitars, which stretches out and shrinks over the years, developes cracks and makes the pickguard crumpled up on the edges.

Pickguard ST-Style  Pickguard ST-Style black

To custom pickguards with the decoupage technique means to be open to new creative possibilities for decoration with harmonized concepts which represent the pinnacle of individuality and expand my own latitude for unconventional ideas.

 It is the further development of my individual style that unites different elements in a combination with a distinctive aesthetical character and satisfies my desire to join two worlds: the harmony of music and the beauty of my husband’s bass-guitars and ST-Fender-guitars to the modern design of fabrics and decorative art-papers.

Fender-St-Style : Pick & Chords

Fender-St-Style : Pick & Music


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