Katzenworld Book News: Meow Long and Prosper ! Star Trek Cats are Coming to Planet Earth !

Meow Long and Prosper! Star Trek Cats are Coming to Planet Earth

Hi everyone,

It’s not often that we get this excited about a new book and merchandise release.  But those of you that know me well will know that my other passion is for Sci-Fi and especially Star Trek!

So of course when we heard about the new Star Trek Cats book and merchandise I got super excited and just had to check them out.

Let’s start with a closer look at the book first of all.  Star Trek – The Next Generation Cats is actually the second book in this series but that makes it no less fun than the first one!  Jenny (the illustrator and author) has taken great care at blending cats with Star Trek universe details and we thought she got the mix purrfectly right!  Great attention to details has been used to match Star Trek characters with the right cat.

If you’ve missed the first book don’t forget to also check out the Star Trek Cats, we especially loved Spock in the fir instalment.  And this brings us on to the second part: the amazing merchandise!

These amazing pins come in a twin set of Kirk and Spock re-designed as cats.  We are especially in love with the oriental cat look of Spock.

Katzenworld StarTrek Cats

So who is the illustrator/creator of this amazing series?

Jenny Parks is a scientific illustrator with a penchant for drawing animals, dinosaurs, imaginary creatures and people as cats.  With a BFA in illustration from the California College of the Arts, and a graduate degree in Science Illustration from UC Santa Cruz, she now resides in Denver, CO as a freelance illustrator, fulfilling her destiny to make a living drawing cute, fuzzy things.  She first gained internet fame with the illustration Doctor Mew and has most recently done variant covers for a few Marvel comics for their Animal Variant series.  She’s a regular at Comic-con events throughout the US.

Our overall verdict?

If you know a cat lover that is also a Star Trek fan when these are a MUST buy for any gift occasion!  Not just will it target the inner Trekkie but it’ll most certainly please the Cat Lover 🙂

Thanks, Marc-Andrè



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