Lampshade / Cutting Mat & Fabric

How to measure and cut fabric safely.  The cutting mat is the perfect tool for some general requirements: to protect work surfaces, to make measuring easy, to give a useful measuring guide, i.e. an easy-to-read grid on one or both sides for precise drawing and cutting, to offer a significant combination for crafting precision and mistake-free measuring.

Fiskars - Cutting Mats
Fiskars – Cutting Mats –

The protective cutting mat is made with 3 or 5 composite layers of resilient vinyl that heals completely; again, of 100% recyclable polypropylene for an environmentally responsible disposal.  Long-lasting, non-slip, non-glare, water-repellent to liquid spills, self-healing surfaces that are designed for rotary cutters, art knives, standard-duty cutters and utility blades: the mat can be cut and slashed repeatedly without displaying marks, cutting lines or abrasions. In fact, its special surface prevents blades from becoming dull.

OLFA - Cutting Mats
OLFA – Cutting Mats –

The cutting mat is available in different sizes: from 22 x 30 cm. to 60 x 90 cm. up to 180 x 90 cm.  It can be 1,6 mm. (one-sided easy-use) up to 3 mm. (extra-durable double-sided use) thick.  Each mat contains measures in inch and/or metric on the top surface; it is marked with a ½” grid pattern with cutting angles, a ¼” gradation on the base and a left-hand vertical edge.  The reversible mat is usually green on the top side and black on the rear one.  Both sides feature measuring guides for 30 – 45 and 60 degree bias lines.  All four edges are fully numbered and graduated with marks in order to extend the zero base beyond the cutting line.

Opitec - Cutting Mats
Opitec – Cutting Mats –

The cutting mat offers a high professional quality for graphic arts, hobbies and industrial applications; in fact, it is basically essential to for any sewing, quilting and patchwork project; perfectly dimensioned for scrapbooking; as well, for working on paper, pages, deco cards and Art Journal; recommended for handwriting experts, designers, photographers, and anyone who has a desktop to protect or needs an extra reversible writing/drawing surface.

Fiskars - Cutting Mat
Fiskars – Cutting Mat –

A small cutting mat is easy to transport and easy to store to anyone who has limited workspaces and little projects.  An extra-large mat gives plenty room to work; very well sized to cut full widths, squares, triangles, star shapes and long strips; its big easy-to-read measuring grid surface on both sides allows to turn over the mat for dual-and multiple usage.  The rotating cutting mat has a specific design for accurate and hassle-free quilting and appliquè: no need to move around the project to cut or shape it!  To square off large fabric blocks is quick and cheap; more than that, due to its 360 degree rotating feature it prevents the sudden unwanted slip of the fabric.  The translucent cutting mat gives a protective surface for lightboxes and tabletops: white grid lines on one side for precise cutting and coloured guides on the opposite side to help a perfect measuring and a variety of other applications.

OLFA - Rotating Cutting Mat
OLFA – Rotating Cutting Mat –

The cutting mat must be stored flat and away from sunlight, heat and chill.  It can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap.

Opitec - Cutting Mat
Opitec – Cutting Mat –

Where to buy.

1) Manufacturer’s on-line shops (please refer to images and note that these are the rulers I usually use, but there is a large number of on-topic-websites on network).

2) Quilting and patchwork fairs and exhibitions (please enter on search engines and select; there are so many shows everywhere worldwide).

3) Quilting and patchwork and /or haberdashery shops & stores & outlets.

(Fonts: thanks to Google for images and to on-line technical files/data sheets of specified manufacturers)


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