Lampshade / How to Apply the Trimmings

The passementerie can be applied with sewing stitches or embroidery on a soft material, such as fabric, leather and felt; with specific glue or adhesives on hard and stiff material and divided into a) for clothing b ) for home decor.  The purposes are mainly two: a) the structural and finishing one, to cover seams, to fix hems and edges and to prevent fabric fraying; b) the aesthetic and decorative one, to garnish and embellish.

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How to apply the trimmings to the shades.  The trims are an important step to be chosen very carefully.  They decorate and garnish, finish and hide small imperfections of manual processing and give a special touch to the shade.  There are several methods to stick them: with the vinyl glue, or specific fabric glue, with the hot glue and with the double-sided adhesive tape, or the cotton tape.

By means of glue.  I choose the most suitable passementerie: cord or gimp thread, ribbon or frills, lace or embroidery, fringes or tassels, pom-pom or buttons, etc.  With a little flat brush I spread a fair glue measure along the upper or lower edges; I paste the passementerie and make it carefully fit to the shade’s frame; then I fasten binder clips or pegs to hold it down while the glue dries.  I assure that the glue is completely dry before going on.  I work in the same way to cover or embellish the vertical rear seam.  Patience and precision: it is important not to put the glue on the fabric because residues are difficult to wipe off!

lampada alcetto 3lampada polla bordo

By means of hot glue.  This is certainly the most suitable for a quick and resistant fixing with its specific gun, i.e. a practical tool that can be easily bought in DIY stores.  The glue dries almost immediately.  Residues can be taken away quite easily when they harden, but they can leave streaks on delicate fabrics (silk and tulle).

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By means of double-sided adhesive tape or cotton tape.  I let adhere one side of the tape to the shade’s rim; the other side, to the passementerie.  I put it into the right place, perfectly taut and without wrinkles.  Or, I fold the cotton tape in half, take off the protective paper, attach the one half to the edge, wrap then the second half around the other side.  To the cotton tape I can apply trimmings either with glue or with sewing stitches or embroidery.  The most important advantage is that this method is simple and easy:  if necessary, the tape can be partially removed and repositioned; the adhesive does not leave permanent residues.

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