(English Version) And Then There Was Gold !

Gilding with Golden Leaf: Guazzo and Oil-Mordent Technique.


Material  –  1. Gesso di Bologna (1 glass of water – 1 and 1/2 glass of gypsum) or Universal Pébéo Studio acrylic gypsum.  2. Bolo Armeno (Armenian Bole: a particular type of clay, usually red due to the iron oxide, with hydrous silicates of aluminium and magnesium.  Red for golden leaf – black and yellow for silver and copper leaf) or specific pigmented acrylic Primer Pébéo Studio.  3. Leaf: real gold (10 x 10 cm.), or french imitation (composition leaf, 14 x 14 cm.).  4. Glue: Missione Pébéo Gēdēo Gilding Paste Mixtion Gold Leaf or natural rabbit-skin glue (i.e. collagen and sizing) for Guazzo gilding technique.  5. Wax or oil-mordent to refinish the golden leaf, to artificially age and polish the surface, as well as brunitoio in pietra dagata (burnisher in agate stone: a special tool used to permanently fix the golden leaf and make the gilding surface smooth and shiny).  6. Wooden frame.  7. Wooden letter G.


Tools  –  steel wool or fine wire wool to finish and smooth the wooden frame and letter surfaces; flat medium bristle brush for acrylic gypsum or Armenian Bole; flat brush to spread the mission glue; specific single-blade gilder knife to apply the golden leaf; special brush „bombasino” or thick pasting brush to lay and arrange it; cotton cloth to spread the wax or the oil-mordent; blue and gold metallic acrylic colours to paint the wooden letter G; simple brush for acrylic paint; vintage music paper sheets.


Where To Buy: Manufacturer’s on-line shops or specialist chain stores and retailers:  www.leroymerlin.com