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A Kaleidoscope of Colours: Passion is a Red Lens inside My Head.  Red (from the Latin word rŭssusrŭbeum) is one of the three primary colours together with blue and yellow and one of the seven hues of the visible spectrum.  Red is the highest arc of the rainbow and corresponds to the longest wavelength of light (6500 Å) at the heat radiation limit.

The term is used in chemistry to show organic and inorganic pigments.  Important examples of inorganic pigments are cadmium red, chrome and Venetian red (or red ocher), which are respectively composed by sulphoselenides cadmium, basic chromate of lead and ferric oxideA typical organic red pigment is hemoglobin.  To this category belongs also the Congo red which is usually used to dye cotton, or as a marker in analytical chemistry.

In mineralogy, the term red characterizes the colour of some serpentine rocks: the Breccia di Levanto and the Polcevera marble which are noble decorative materials.  And some other limestone marbles like the Ammonitic red, the Verona red, or the Amiata red.

It carries the promise of prosperity and energy: the most passionate colour in the spectrum stimulates personal associations and focuses attention on particular elements, provides a sense of protection from fears and anxiety and encourages action and confidence, evokes emotions ranging from feelings of warmth and comfort up to sensitivity to anger and hostility.

Red is divine, sexy, free, powerful, opulent, luxurious, joyful, abundant, nourishing, innovative, hot, passionate, glowing, ardent, dark, evil, herring, enraged, generous, bold, audacious.

It is the colour of the 1st Chakra, i.e. Muladhara (Mantra Lam whose meaning is root support, affirmation).

  Located at the centre of the perineum, at the base of tailbone and linked to smell and earth, as well as to physical existence and powerful stability, red gives vitality, loyalty and tenacity.  It helps good living and donates popularity and healthy life.

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Anche un bradipo può scendere dal suo albero, se adulato! Chi va piano va... sempre piano, ma almeno non ruzzola! (brad-ipse dixit)

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