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8° Edizione Milano Guitars & Beyond

28 – 29 ottobre 2017 – Milano Guitars&Beyond – The Total Music Village

Mostra – Mercato di Strumenti Musicali – Parco Esposizioni di Novegro (Milan – Italy) –


Anche un bradipo può scendere dal suo albero, se adulato! Chi va piano va... sempre piano, ma almeno non ruzzola! (brad-ipse dixit)

30 pensieri riguardo “8° Edizione Milano Guitars & Beyond

      1. Happy Caturday to you, too! I imagine that my husband has heard of PRS – he loves guitars, but I admit that the only manufacturer that I can think of off the top of my head is Gibson and that is because a few months ago, my husband purchased one of their guitars that was ‘made in the USA’ – and it had cheap pickups, which were made in Korea… he fumed about the misadvertising for days.

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          1. My husband often has instruments brought in because of pickup problems. It’s amazing what a difference those can make in the sound. I don’t actually understand how they work, but I know it has something to do with magnets because he received a batch (think they were humbuckers, which are in pairs of positive/negative) and all of them were ‘wound’ the same way, making them all the same vs. being in pairs.

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          2. My husband could talk your husband cross-eyed about amps – at least he could, if your husband understands English. The one he’s working on was mis-wired by someone. I always tell him that he could make a lot of money doing that, but he only does this as a favor to friends… however, he has tons of friends who are musicians, so there always seems to be extra amps around.

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          3. If your husband reads schematics, mine literally has books full of amp schematics. He has other technical books on the topic, too, but high school English might not be quite enough to understand them (frankly, my degree is in English and I’m not sure I understand some of his books…). I suspect Engineering is a different dialect. If he would be interested in reading material suggestions, let me know at

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          4. He does fine, just can’t push himself and would have problems if he had a ‘regular job’ because he would be forced to push himself on bad days and that would make things worse.

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