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Lampada Giapponese

1° Step.  Material :

Japanese 100% cotton fabric and two Löbbo IKEA Europe lampshades.

Lampada Giapponese 2

2° Step.  Tools :

First of all I need a soft pencil to design the template on the fabric rear side and the scissors to it cut out.  The vinyl glue (or special fabric-glue) and a flat brush to spread an adequate glue measure on to paste the fabric to polystyrene panel; some pegs or clips to hold and press it down while it dries.

3° Step.  Fabric & Template :

I wash and iron my fabric perfectly.   It is important to draw the template to cut the fabric in the right measures.  In this case, I use the polystyrene panel of the Löbbo lampshade like a template.

Lampada Giapponese - Template 1 I lay it on the wrong side of my fabric and trace all cutting lines with a soft pencil.  With a ruler I extend each line out 2-3 cm. and trace a further edge in all directions the lines were heading.  Finally, I cut the fabric carefully out with scissors or a rotary cutter.  The new cover is now ready to be glued to the shade.

4° Step : Photo & Tutorial.