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Cutting Mat & Fabric

How to measure and cut fabric safely.  The cutting mat is the perfect tool for some general requirements: to protect work surfaces, to make measuring easy, to give a useful measuring guide, i.e. an easy-to-read grid on one or both sides for precise drawing and cutting, to offer a significant combination for crafting precision and mistake-free measuring.

Fiskars - Cutting Mats
Fiskars – Cutting Mats –

The protective cutting mat is made with 3 or 5 composite layers of resilient vinyl that heals completely; again, of 100% recyclable polypropylene for an environmentally responsible disposal.  Long-lasting, non-slip, non-glare, water-repellent to liquid spills, self-healing surfaces that are designed for rotary cutters, art knives, standard-duty cutters and utility blades: the mat can be cut and slashed repeatedly without displaying marks, cutting lines or abrasions. In fact, its special surface prevents blades from becoming dull.

OLFA - Cutting Mats
OLFA – Cutting Mats –

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