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Cutting Mat & Fabric

How to measure and cut fabric safely.  The cutting mat is the perfect tool for some general requirements: to protect work surfaces, to make measuring easy, to give a useful measuring guide, i.e. an easy-to-read grid on one or both sides for precise drawing and cutting, to offer a significant combination for crafting precision and mistake-free measuring.

Fiskars - Cutting Mats
Fiskars – Cutting Mats –

The protective cutting mat is made with 3 or 5 composite layers of resilient vinyl that heals completely; again, of 100% recyclable polypropylene for an environmentally responsible disposal.  Long-lasting, non-slip, non-glare, water-repellent to liquid spills, self-healing surfaces that are designed for rotary cutters, art knives, standard-duty cutters and utility blades: the mat can be cut and slashed repeatedly without displaying marks, cutting lines or abrasions. In fact, its special surface prevents blades from becoming dull.

OLFA - Cutting Mats
OLFA – Cutting Mats –

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Rotary Cutter & Fabric

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A rotary cutter is a tool used to cut fabric and mainly composed by three parts: a circular rotating blade, an ergonomic handle and an open/shut safety latch.

A rotary cutter combines the high-cutting efficiency and balance technology of the needlework scissors with the unique manufacturing process to the functional need to cut contemporaneously out multiple layers of light-or heavyweight fabric materials to straight lines, as well as curves, into shapes and pieces for craft projects.  Quilting and patchwork become easier and time-saving, as it avoids working exhausting up to mark and cut single fabric patches every time and speeds certainly up the quilt assembly.

The Olfa Company introduced the first rotary cutter in 1979 for garment making.  It was handy in place of scissors and quickly adopted by quilters who began the patchwork-revolution!

Rotary Cutter - Olfa mm. 60 - -
Rotary Cutter – Olfa mm. 60 – http://www.olfa.com

The blade.  Circular and rolling, sharp and precise, swift and all-purpose: there is a blade to suit every need.  The blade is made of high-quality carbide coated tungsten steel or titanium for an unparalleled sharpness; as well as it is double-honed for extra cutting capacity and durability.

Rotary Cutter - Olfa mm. 45 - -
Rotary Cutter – Olfa mm. 45 – http://www.olfa.com

It is available in several different sizes and diameters, from mm. 18 to mm. 60.  Usually the larger the blade the easier is to slice through the fabric’s layers.  More than a single rotary cutter will be necessary for some tasks than others.  To cut out smoothly and easily through multi-layers, the blade mm. 60 in diameter is perfect and exact.  Versatile and accurate for quilting, sewing and craft projects, the basic blade mm. 45 creates a safe and comfortable cut.  As well, the small blade mm. 18 is a good solution to cut around sharp curves.

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