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Colours & Palettes

A Kaleidoscope of Colours: Life is unexpectedly Pink.  Gracious, bright, pretty, fun, youthful, neat, sentimental, vibrant, exciting, sensual, soft, passionate, frivolous, charming; toning down the passion of red with the purity of white: this results in pink tones strictly tied to romance, stimulates energy, represents happiness and joy, encourages action and confidence.

The terms of colour (also called “cromonimi”) play a key role in the perception and symbolic representation (even emotional) of reality.
In many languages this can be regarded as a reasonably self-contained semantic domain, but in the universe of human discourse the colour is not necessarily a separate aspect of the visual experience.

The area of meanings for rose is wide and compact; as well it marks from the end of the World War II the female as opposed to male, represented by blue, at least for the lexical field of childhood.  Up to the sliding into the designation of mass-produced goods of poor value, as well as optimistic expressions or nice predictions sometimes with a negative tinge of frivolous superficiality.

Life is unexpectedly Pink 17

(Fonts: thanks to Pinterest and Google for the images; thanks to Treccani Encicplopedia dell’Italiano and Rita Fresu for her definition of “cromonimi”)


Anche un bradipo può scendere dal suo albero, se adulato! Chi va piano va... sempre piano, ma almeno non ruzzola! (brad-ipse dixit)

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