The Summer Wind Blows In… !


The summer wind came blowin’ in from across the sea
It lingered there, to touch your hair and walk with me
All summer long we sang a song and then we strolled that golden sand
Two sweethearts and the summer wind


Like painted kites, those days and nights they went flyin’ by
The world was new beneath a blue umbrella sky
Then softer than a piper man, one day it called to you
I lost you, I lost you to the summer wind

The autumn wind, and the winter winds they have come and gone
And still the days, those lonely days, they go on and on
And guess who sighs his lullabies through nights that never end
My fickle friend, the summer wind
The summer wind
Warm summer wind

The summer wind


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17 thoughts on “The Summer Wind Blows In… !

  1. neihtn2012 ha detto:

    Great shots! Nice Sinatra song, one that I have not heard before.

    "Mi piace"

  2. fulvialuna1 ha detto:

    Belle immagini per parole stupende.

    Piace a 1 persona

  3. […] dal poemetto omonimo di Bruno Wille. WDR Sinfonieorchester Köln, dir. Jukka-Pekka Saraste. È per sidilbradipo1 […]

    Piace a 1 persona

  4. angelswhisper2011 ha detto:

    Oh, Sid, you make us feel so like blowing in the wind ❤ Great post! Blowing Summer Pawkisses for a wonderful day 🙂 ❤

    Piace a 1 persona

    • sidilbradipo1 ha detto:

      Hi, my lovely friends 😀
      What an amazing way to appreciate the summer! Frank’s voice (although in the last years of his life) is a surprise for our hearts ❤
      Super-Pawkisses for a Happy Tuesday 😛 ❤

      "Mi piace"

  5. Beautiful photos of summer wind and lovely crooning by Frank! 😀

    Piace a 1 persona

  6. Buona estate cara! Salatissimi dai bagnanti salentini ✌🏻😊😘

    Piace a 1 persona

  7. indianeskitchen ha detto:

    What beautiful photos!!! Not too many summer days left!

    Piace a 1 persona

  8. indianeskitchen ha detto:

    OMG what an amazing picture!!!

    Piace a 1 persona


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